Educational Games


  • English Online Games English games galore are here and at many levels. Students will love this site and won’t even realize that they are learning:) This is a definite win-win for you and them. Some of the games there are HANGMAN, WORDSQUARE, WORD SEARCH, etc. The Battleship game (to learn American slang) was a lot of fun. Your intermediate level ELLs will enjoy it.
  • ESL Activities This site offers not only great vocabulary games (and YOU input the vocabulary), but can also tell you the reading level of the materials you have your ELLs (or others) read.  Just type a paragraph, copy it, and then paste it into the box on the screen.  Click box below screen and the reading level (and other data) will appear in a few seconds.  This is great tool to see if the material you have is too hard or too easy for your students.  They will also like the games.
  • Whyville
    Science games in a virtual world
  • Free English Games
    Learn English using our challenging, interactive and FREE games. An integral part of learning is practice, and that is precisely what is designed to do. Kids games and more!
  • Funny Farm Puzzle
    Online puzzle game.
  • ESL Game Boards
    Game boards for communicative ESL classes.
  • Interesting Things for ESL Students
    A free study site for English as a Second Language (ESL) students with Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) activities: games, quizzes, puzzles, etc.
  • NASA Kid’s Club
    A bunch of fun games for kids online.
  • NASA Space Place For Kids
    This NASA site should inspire many kids to want to think about becoming space explorers! It is also in Spanish. You will find GAMES, PROJECTS, ANIMATIONS, COOL SUBJECTS, AMAZING FACTS and FRIENDS SHARE (lots of information on community groups and what they are doing to prepare for space exploration).
  • English Club
    ESL games online for English learners, including hangman, crosswords and other word games.
  • Spelling City
    Teaching spelling is easy with Input spelling lists for your students to use for free spelling help. Students can learn spelling words, practice spelling tests, and play fun spelling games. Keep track of your spelling list curriculum, share spelling lists, and get ideas for teaching spelling on our spelling forum.
  • Game Zone
    English Language Games that you can play online.
  • MindGames
    Collection of card, board and miscellaneous games that are primarily puzzle based and varied in objective.
  • Phonics Games shares free reading games, word games, phonics activities and phonics posters with the world.
  • ESL Games
    Practice your English grammar and have fun with our free english software.
  • Science Review Games
    Welcome to, your fun and interactive site to help you study for exams! Click on the subjects above to get started.
    Quiz games for use in an EFL/ESL class plus hundreds of printable quiz questions in 5 levels of difficulty.
    Very cool math stuff! Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, math puzzles and problems, tessellations, functions, limits, math links. Math for kids too!
  • FunBrain
    Math games.
  • Interactive Mathematics Activities Interactive Mathematics Activities for Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Logic, Mathmagic, Optical Illusions, Combinatorial games and Puzzles.
  • Eduplace Games
    Here students work with games that address word relationships (ex.  deceive/deception). The games are presented in a memory game layout.  Students may time themselves or not. The choice is theirs.  Though it covers grades 1-8, ELLs even at the high school level would benefit from it.