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Theory of Second Language Acquisition
Short description of Krashen’s 5 main hypotheses on second language acquisition with comments in Portuguese.

Teacher’s Connection
Resources from the NY Times.

Reading Rockets
Professional Development site where teachers can access webcasts on all issues concerning ELLs at all grade levels from pre-school through high school. There are also transcripts for those whose computers are not compatible. You may also register so that you can receive the most current material via email.

Assessing ELLs in ESL or Mainstream Classrooms
If you are a mainstream teacher with ELLs in your class, you will truly appreciate this article that covers quick accommodations you can implement in your instructional planning to make lesson planning and assessment more effective for your ELL.

The Most Important Advice
THE most important advice for teachers of ELLs is to make lesson material comprehensible. If students can’t understand it, they will get neither English nor content.

Teaching Conversation
This page for ESL teachers includes lesson plans, ideas, and printable materials for classroom use.

Project G.L.A.D.
The Guided Language Acquisition Design. Project GLAD stands for and promotes an educational setting that produces effective, literate citizens of a global society. It is a model of respect for diversity not only in language and ethnicity, but, also, in thinking, learning, and personal experiences. It provides support for teachers and students alike to face change and success effectively and confidently. This site features training and units/lesson plans.

National Graphic School Publishing
A publisher site on language and literacy, featuring many products and resources.

More Advice About Teaching ESL Students
More practical advice on working with ELLs in mainstream classes (FAQ and answers).

ESL Teaching/Learning Resources This site has probably close to 100 sites in it covering all aspects of literacy development for ELLs. The needs of teachers and ELLs are both addressed in it. Pick out the sites you like and bookmark them because having to fish through the entire site every time you want something would be an exhaustive process.

Things for ESL/EFL Teachers A treasure find from TESOL in which you will find a rich resource of activities for ELLs and teachers. No advertising, no gimmicks, no hype. It is well worth bookmarking on your computer.

Materials of Interest to Secondary Language Arts Teachers Lessons and Internet sites for English Teachers.

November Learning Resources for teaching information literacy.

A Guide to Learning English
The purpose of this website is to guide learners of English in effective and enjoyable ways of acquiring their new language. There are hundreds of exercises, in grammar and vocabulary, reading and writing, as well as many pages of information and advice about the English language and language learning.

Second Language Acquisition
Quote directly from the site: “The activities of the network provide sites with opportunities to develop and extend leadership among teachers of English language learners at their site; analyze and improve their professional development offerings, with an emphasis on knowledge and practices that support English language learners; further their knowledge about second language acquisition, the teaching of writing, and the history and cultures of the populations they serve; promote understanding of the social and political issues involved in the teaching of English language learners, including equity issues regarding race, class, gender, language, and culture that affect English language learners and their education.”

The ESOL Essayist
How do you support an ELL’s efforts to write an essay? Take a look at this site. Its explanations are simple so ELLs could use them once the teacher shows them how to navigate the site.

Google for Educators
A very impressive site in the support it offers educators. My favorite is Google Earth which I have used to students “around the world” to find key addresses related to our readings. It is also great for geography.

What Works for ELLs
What works for ELLs.

Six Key Strategies
Reminder of what must go in a class of ELLs (and others). The format is easy to follow for those of use with limited time to read and the suggestion are very practical.

Developing ESL/EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension of Expository Texts
This site offers suggestions on developing ELL’s reading comprehension of expository text. Lots of practical suggestions and easy to implement.

Discover how the standards movement currently sweeping the US will have a positive impact on the education of ESL students, while also presenting instructional challenges to ESL and mainstream professionals.

Education Week
Mary Ann Zehr is an assistant editor at Education Week. She has written about the schooling of English-language learners for more than nine years and understands through her own experience of studying Spanish that it takes a long time to learn another language well. Her blog will tackle difficult policy questions, explore learning innovations, and share stories about different cultural groups on her beat.

Teaching Today
Strategies & skill builders for ELLs in a literature course. Teaching Today provides busy secondary teachers with teaching tips, free downloadable teaching materials, in-depth articles and a host of other features.

S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts CyberGuides
CyberGuides are standards-based, teacher-designed, web-searching and writing/reading activities for elementary, middle school, and high school students based on core literature resulting in a student product for grades K-12 language arts with supplemental Internet learning activities.

Internet ESL Resources Cabrillo College has excellent reference websites for free. Just click and enter.

Language Acquisition Glossary of Second and Primary Language Acquisition Terms