Fun Learning Tools


  • PuzzleMaker
    Puzzlemaker from
  • Fact Monster
    Quizzes and games, homework center, blogs and polls.
  • Comic Creator
    Comic creator from Read Think Write. It can be used at any grade level and is very easy to use.
  • Postcard Creator
    Post card generator equipped with fake stamps! For elementary and beginning ELD students.
  • Giggle Poetry
    Easy and fun poetry writing
  • Lots of exciting games, including poetry games, spelling and vocabulary games, word games, and language games. Play free games online and download free trial games to play on your Windows PC.
  • ABCya! Word Clouds
    This is fun site for ELLs (though EOs would have fun with it also). Students take a paragraph and paste it on the space provided. What happens is that the words are arranged in artistic ways on the page. Students would then possibly print it out and then paste their message in a way that carries their message on construction paper with a few sentences on why they arranged the different sized words a specific way on their paper. Add some pictures and they will generate masterpieces.
  • E-Cards
    This site offers free e-greeting cards. Students can send you e-greetings for a grade in writing
  • Grammar Comic
    This site presents a delightful way at looking at grammar.  Students have several options here to practice, but my favorite is the webquest design the perfect comic book.  When grammar is tied to a meaningful activity, students are energized and open to learning. Try it out.  You WILL like it (as will your students).
  • Dvolver
    Fun site to encourage beginners especially to write. On this site, student create mini-movies with title, music, characters, credits Kids WILL love this!
  • Make Beliefs Comix!
    Your ELLs can use this site to make up summaries of the stories they read. They can be creative and make a diary entry for a crazy day in their lives. The choices are endless.
  • Marvel Comics Writing
     Have students who feel that writing is humdrum?  If so, this site from Marvel Comics should change their minds.  Students can create comic strips (for those who might still be learning English, this will be more accessible than trying to write an entire comic book) as well as comic books of up to 22 pages.  This site could easily be woven into any content area.  In science, maybe the superheroes are saving a species from extinction.  In math, maybe they are trying to solve a problem of food distribution in a food shortage using math.  In health, maybe the superheroes are demonstrating the importance of eating well.  You get the idea.