Writing Resources


  • Squidoo – Interactive Writing Tools
    This site has a wide variety of writing activities and other links that will take some of the pain out of writing for ELLs (though English only will enjoy them also). When teachers can add a tech side to any assignment, students are more likely to learn something from it.
  • Colorin Colorado – Writing
    Aswith all of Colorin Colorado’s material, this one is well thought out with lots of resources embedded in it.  Again, screen it and take what fits your needs.
  • Graphic Orgaizers
    Tenpages of graphic organizers for every discipline along with explanations for their use are found here.  This site is a must for any teacher who works with writing (which is EVERY teacher regardless of discipline).
  • Academic Writing and Much More
    This site has academic writing, grammar, and vocabulary activities from all levels of ELLs.  It even includes APA!  My beginners like “talking” to Mike, the robot.  It was an online chat where they had to read Mike’s responses before they typed their own.  Since finding quality work for beginners can sometimes be a challenge, this is a good site to have handy.
  • The ESOL Essayist
    How do you support an ELL’s efforts to write an essay? Take a look at this site. Its explanations are simple so ELLs could use them once the teacher shows them how to navigate the site.
  • K-5 Vocabulary
    This PDF covers grades K-5.  Vocabulary building is addressed here through the eyes of differentiation of instruction.  Many of the practical and effective strategies could also be used with older students as well.
  • Types of Writing
    This article addresses what types of writing should be done at each stage of language acquisition.  For those especially who are new to teaching writing to ELLs, this article offers very practical ideas.
  • News Writing
    There are several writing setups here from the very easy to the difficult.  I have used the newspaper one to have students capture key events in stories they read, but there are many more uses of it and it can be used in all content area courses/subjects.
  • Academic Writing
    This is a great source for all writing genres.  There are also worksheets to fill in any gaps in prior knowledge.  For example, if they are writing on endangered species, there is a worksheet with pictures and a word bank from which they have to group vocabulary under the appropriate animal.
  • ESL Independent Study Lab -Writing
    A zillion writing activities through the internet.